Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday~ October 7 ~2008

Something is lurking in the darkening Autumnal forest...

Hmmm... not quite the specter we were imagining, but let's see what this 
limp-beaked creature is up to anyway, shall we?

Shhh, we musn't let him know we are observing him.

It looks as though he is about to gorge himself on the cornucopia of autumns bounty, if we are not mistaken.

We were most certainly not mistaken... this poor creature now appears to be fuller than the moon on a full moon night... fuller than a glass that is half empty... fuller than the Oxford English Dictionary. He is plenty full, see?

And thus the creature slips away into the womb of the forest, where he will dream restless dreams until he is awakened by the siren hunger once again.

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