Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday~March 31 ~2008

Here is a creature who is feeling a strong calling. Something is towing it's whole being towards an unknown destiny.It cannot help but follow the call.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday~March 30~2008

This is an entity who inhabits the world between worlds. It lives suspended within our material plane and is only visible to us in a certain light at a certain angle, and then only if we are in a very particular frame of mind... alert but still-minded.

It is nearly impossible to study these phantoms, although we have tried. Data is difficult to gather due to the mental emptiness that is necessary in order to perceive the space within space in which these beings slip and slide.

Perhaps there are mysteries that are best left obscure. Perhaps we are fortunate to have caught even a glimpse of this apparition. Perhaps the most important thing we can learn from this is that as much as we study and investigate creation, we will never understand it's entirety. This is a humbling fact, and it keeps us in our place. 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday~March 29~ 2008

Softlife is pleased and honored to have received our first ever fan art. Many thanks to Jordon for creating and sending us this beautiful depiction of Immodesty Mouse Whispers, it really made our day!
This is the perfect opportunity to mention that we at Softlife welcome your comments, ideas, drawings, photos, and the like. Thank you all for your support! 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday~March 28 ~2008

When a species is separated into populations that are prevented from inter breeding, mutations and the selection of novel traits cause an accumulation of differences over generations and a new species emerges. A lack of suitable habitat has caused a number of these urban dwelling scavengers to relocate to the suburbs, and over time a curious adaptation has taken place. The suburban bands have developed small plump horns on their heads. We at Softlife  believe that the purpose for this mutation is that it makes these creatures cuter to humans, and as a result, humans are more likely to protect and care for them. 

This fellow has found shelter as a classroom pet. He shares this sanctuary with stickbugs, turtles, rabbits, and most recently, baby chickens.

The life of a classroom pet is relatively safe. There is always food and protection from the elements. It can, however, be an isolating experience, as usually no more then one creature from a species is allowed to inhabit a classroom at any given time.

And so he spends his days drifting on the outskirts of the bustling classroom, his purpose and drive becoming more and more remote. With survival no longer an issue this once shrewd creature lives in a kind of limbo...

The monotony of the day is broken up with feeding times and the periods when the children are allowed to handle him.

This can be overwhelming as well as comforting.

The children have gone home for the day and the classroom is still. It is always dangerous to guess at what goes on in the mind of another species, but we cannot help but wonder at the thoughts and feelings of this creature as he gazes at the big world just beyond the classroom window. Does he long for a wilder, freer existence? Does he dream of love and adventure, or is he at peace with the life he finds himself in and grateful for the security he enjoys?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday ~March 27 ~2008

It is becoming harder all the time for urban dwelling creatures such as this one to find suitable shelter. Older buildings, which often have dimly lit nooks and crannies and ample shrubbery are being demolished and replaced with sanitized modern condominiums and retail facilities. These newer buildings offer no sanctuary for the scavenging city vermin, and they are forced out into the nearly apocalyptic landscape of the contemporary metropolis. 

We at Softlife are not pleased to bring you these dismal images of this poor staunch creature. It is resolutely searching the pile of debris for a place to make its home, or perhaps even it's nest.

What the creature cannot know is that although this heap of rubble is silent and still presently, tomorrow the bulldozers will resume their work, creating a deathtrap for all who have sought shelter here.

We look on in mute horror as our subject chooses what must seem to it to be a sturdy fortress in which to dwell. It seems to be almost smiling as it settles in for the night.

"Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine
Making the green one red."~ Hamlet

Wednesday~March 26~ 2008

 These two naughty house pets have snuck out of the house. They intend to raise a little Cain.

An aggressive game of tug sorts out the problem of dominance...

Terrorizing the mailman is always a good time!

Uh oh... looks like the owner is on to them.

Shame, shame, shame!

And so their fun and games must end. They are scooped up and taken back indoors where they belong. In spite of the scolding, the owner is not mean and does not hold a grudge for long.

A little treat...

and a snuggle lets these two lap pets know that all is forgiven and they are loved.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday~March 25~2008

The Garbage Hump. This one is doing its best to blend in with the recycling, burrowing into the paper bags which are a similar hue as its pelt. Let us see what happens when we disturb the garbage heap with a long stick.

There! We have managed to startle the hump from its hiding place! Now we can get a better look...

It seems to be contemplating a leap into the unknown. Notice the eyes,wide with anxiety.

Sure enough, the Hump has leapt and landed. Let's step back and watch what it does next.

The clever Garbage Hump has relocated to the compost bin. An ingenious camouflage! We will leave the little Hump now. It has certainly earned a little peace and quiet.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday~March 24~2008

This kid is leaving the city and heading out on the open road. Some of us are more fortunate than others, and when fate deals you a hand that is light on material resources, it is often best to take off into the unknown rather than stay in a situation that you well know is not viable.

It takes him the better part of the day to make it to the city limits. The peacefulness of the countryside quiets his nerves, and he begins feel his hunger and fatigue. As he attunes his senses to his new surroundings he thinks he hears voices in the distance.

The voices are coming from this hobo jungle, and the kid is unsure if he should approach this group of yeggs, underworld beggars, punks, and bindle stiffs. The tone, he decides, is mellow, and the aroma of food on the fire is a sure lure.

This kid is no fool. He quickly determines which of these jungle buzzards is on top and approaches with just the right combination of poise and courtesy. He explains his situation and asks permission to take it easy in the company of these fellow transients.

They accept the kid easily into the fold, and he is warmed by their liquor, their company, and their fire.

The talk goes on into the night with each bum regaling the others with tales of nefarious adventures. Dawn comes slowly on, speech becomes slurred, and the yarns begin to unravel...

As a new day begins the camp is deep in an intemperate slumber. A well oiled snooze is bliss to the road weary nomad, and that is no lie.