Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday~April 30~ 2008

Sabril is a model. This is a glamour profession which does not always reflect reality. This is what makes it glamourous, dahling.

Sabril must maintain peak physical condition to stay in the game. These poses can look deceptively simple to the uneducated eye.

In the cutthroat industry of the model, versatility is a must.

Modeling is a fascinating and deeply fulfilling life path for those of us who are fortunate enough to meet the industries stringent requirements. Unfortunately most of us do not.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday~April 29~2008

It has been raining off and on all day. This wee urchin is waiting for a sun break so he can go out and tear around. As soon as the sun breaks through he hotfoots it outdoors!

He has a grand time, but gets a little begrimed in the process. Now, this little tyke is no milquetoast mammas boy. He's no namby-pamby pantywaist twinkie, no milksop powder puff, but he does value cleanliness. He takes pride in his beautiful body and believes in good hygiene. Time to go inside and assess the damage... 

Yes sir,it looks like bath time.

Get that hot water flowing...

Pop in the duckies...

And soak away the smudges.

There! Nice and clean!

It feels mighty good to take care of business, no fuss no muss.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday~April 28 ~2008

Do you remember this foxy burglar? Well, he has fallen on hard times. He's out of fortune, out of luck, and out on the streets.

He spends his days avoiding the prying eyes of the law as best he can and playing street checkers. This way of life gets old pretty fast.

Hunger is the only thing that coaxes him out of hiding...

He is so weak from hunger that the climb up the staircase drains him terribly.

When one is at the top of the heap it is easy to judge those less fortunate, but when circumstances get desperate we all do things that surprise us. Hunger and thirst can drive us to the brink of our civility.

This old sneak is driven by desperation to risk everything and break into a car in hopes there will be money or a sack lunch inside. There was a time not too long ago when he would have considered this type of burglary beneath him.

Sadly,the only thing he finds of any value to him is a tin of mints.

He returns to his safe spot to devour the mints in private. It is a depressingly paltry meal, to be sure.

It is true what they say, crime does not pay.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday~April 27 ~2008

Here is an Urban Lawn Pig who has been lured out of hiding by the abundance of fresh succulent blossoms that are gracing the lawn these days. It is all just too delicious.

The little piggy snorts around, rooting out the most lip-smacking florets of all to fill it's bottomless belly.

Satisfied at last, she makes her way back to her hideaway for a rest. Isn't it delightful to witness the simple pleasures of our animal friends? Does it not give us insight into our all too often complicated lives, and lead us to question the validity of our struggling and striving? Why yes, we do believe it does.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday~April 26~ 2008

A beautiful warm Saturday in April! Time to go fishing.

The lake is pristine... let's hope the fish are biting with gusto!

Hmmm... it's a little rough on the lake. Things are feeling a little unstable, a little less than ideal, a little hot to handle.

Man overboard!

Now, this small sportsman is a very positive sort and not at all inclined to be a quitter, but let's face it, the lake is hypothermic in April. Fishing on a lake is at it's core all about relaxation, contemplation, and contentment. These are not the impressions that are rising up from this sopping little fellow.

It occurs to him to call it quits. It also occurs to him there is ample refreshment in the fridge at home and a sunny porch on which to enjoy it. Really, would you do it any differently?