Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday~August 29~2008

The wind thrashes the leaden clouds across the August sky. Somewhere something is crying softly. Somewhere there is a trembling.

It is the trembling of this feeble Gutter Monkey. The soft cries are hers as well, and our hearts are torn from their boney cages with empathetic  sorrow.

We must save her. 

Thursday ~ August 28 ~2008

We have spotted yet another strange bedraggled creature. This one was making an heroic attempt at camouflaging itself among the ornamental grasses, but it was no match for Softlife's eagle eye. We lost no time and roused it with a sharp stick in order to obtain a better look. You are very welcome.

Here you can see it positioning itself for an incredibly swift breaststroke across the sidewalk and into a new hideout. We have never, in all our years of scrutinizing the creatures of this sweet earth, seen anything like it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday~ August 27 ~ 2008

Three little rascals roughhousing in the kennel. They are plenty riled up and looking for trouble.

They had better find something constructive to do soon, because it looks like some puppy tension is building...

Uh oh, someone left their sweater in the kennel. Destroying this handsome sweater is the perfect bonding exercise for these three little hellions.

The sweater is clearly dismayed at this turn of events.

All this aggressive play is beginning to wear the puppies out, not to mention the poor ambushed sweater!

And... they are out like a light!

Tuesday~ August 26 ~2008

Two little heads sitting on a wall, one named Peter, one named Paul.

Fly away, Peter...

Fly away, Paul...

Come back, Peter...

Come back, Paul.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday~ August 25 ~ 2008

I'm free! Free I tell you, and it feels so good! However... there are a few practical matters to attend to before I go hog wild with my celebrating. Like, such as, the getaway...

I need an average everyday joe blow type of get up to help me pass. Heh, heh, I spy with my little eye...

Just the ticket!

Now for the getaway vehicle...

So many choices! This truly is the land' o plenty.

Oh baby! This is one sweet perfect ticket to ride! Extra bonus, these old pleasure vans are a snap to hot wire!