Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday ~ July 31 ~2008

Howdy! I am here in my wardrobe getting dressed for a big date. I have been working hard reeling this one in for a long time and I do believe she's finally hooked!

And yes, my heart is on my sleeve.

What I really need to complete my outfit is a dashing derby...

Hmmm.. too reminiscent of Huck Finn for this particular occasion.

Big Pimpin'! It's good, but maybe a little too good, if you know what I mean.

I most certainly do not dig the elderly vibe of this chapeau. 

Now this I like... it has a timeless quality to it that says, "I appreciate style over trendiness."

Oh, but I do like this hat! So fantastic! So kinky! So devil may care, let's trip the light fantastic!

This is definitely the one for the occasion.

I'm off to meet my lady love!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday~ July 29 ~2008

It is late July in Seattle. This poor Foot Head has been indoors all day due to the crumby weather. Her mood is foul... she has had just about enough. I am sure we can all relate.

She has tried to go outside and make the most of it...

But facts are facts.

This is not the lazy hazy Summer she has been dreaming about all winter, and it really ticks her off.

Monday~ July 28 ~2008

Imagine our astonishment when we discovered this unearthly creature in the Softlife warehouse today. We observed her quietly as she worked intently with the Softlife communication equipment. Her objective eluded us... her tears dampened our spirits.There have been very few moments in our investigatory pursuits that have left us speechless, but from time to time we bear witness to events that are so beyond our comprehension we feel that any attempt we might make to illuminate the situation for our readers would be a sham. We offer the following photographic record and encourage you to draw your own conclusions.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday ~July 27 ~ 2008

Hey there, I am here at Salon Coiffure waiting for my stylist. Today I am getting a new head of hair because as you can see by looking at me, it's about time.

Here we go. I do love a piping hot hair dryer!

Well... this is a hairstyle with soul! It's a little funky for me,though. I am in the market for something a little classier.

Hmmm... no offense to the girly men out there, but this is a little feminine for my taste. People might get the wrong idea about me. Dude looks like a lady.

Back under the dryer!

Whoa nellie!

Right on! Now this is a rug I can live with!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday ~July 26 ~ 2008

Heartbreak is a cruel master. When a great love is lost the light turns to darkness and peace becomes a distant memory. These are the times that try a creatures soul. Poor bunny, will she ever be free of despair?

Little does she know, she is not alone.

The devilish one is watching. The desperation of the poor bunny has an intoxicating aroma, like a fine wine, that beckons to the cloven fiend, drawing him out of the shadows.

He approaches her, feigning friendly concern.

"How sad, how tragic." he sympathizes, " What good is your lovely pink soul to you now that your heart is wounded? It is only causing you pain. Give it to me, and I will shelter it until a brighter day dawns for you, as it surely will."

The bunny recoils at this suggestion.Give up her soul? The very idea chills her to the bone.

The devilish one is undeterred.He draws in close and whispers something in her ear, something sinister... something seductive.

Just like that, her soul is his.

The fiendish trickster allows himself one brief jig for victory before absconding into the shadows with his fleshy treasure.

The devil may care... and then again he may not.