Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday~February 16~ 2008

Lilly Anne is strolling peacefully through the woods near her hovel.It is a brisk clear day in early spring, and the vital energy of new growth courses through her body as she walks through the understory.

Imagine her shock and awe when she comes across this mysterious sight.As she gazes at her discovery in amazement she realizes that the creature is moving slightly within it's enclosure.

Lilly Anne is brave and decisive by nature. Without a moments hesitation she finds a large branch and swiftly sets the poor creature free.It must be starving.

Despite the creatures intense hunger, he does not devour Lilly Anne, but invites her to dine with him in town as a way of thanking her. She gladly accepts and they set off together in the glorious spring sunlight.

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