Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday ~February 14~2008

It is Valentines Day. This young buck is daydreaming about his date tonight.
He is excited and nervous because it will be his first date with her, and the fact that it is Valentines Day makes him feel the pressure.

She picks him up at seven and they head for a Japanese restaurant where she has reserved a private room. It is nice to have privacy on a date.

Soon they are deep in conversation. They tell each other what they like and dislike, what they hope to achieve in this life, and they recall their adventures. They do not speak of love, or the thrill of sitting together on what has turned out to be a beautiful evening.

The young buck thinks she is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.

" All listlessly we float
     Out seaward in the boat
         That beareth Love.
Our sails of purest snow
Bend to the blue below
     And to the blue above.
            Where shall we land?"

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