Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday~ October 29 ~ 2008

Deep in the Autumnal garden our eyes did spy a creature so magnificent we shed a single tear of joy.

Such an exquisite creature! Our breath was stolen from our very lungs.

And lo! It held in its arms a miniscule companion... a friend or perhaps a little lover.

Un petit amoureux!

They knew not that they were watched, so completely absorbed in each others tender gaze they were.

We shall leave them there, insulating themselves from Autumns chill beneath a blanket of affection.


Jeanie Nelson said...

That is hilarious. I LOVE it.

Butlers said...

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barbi malibu said...

great little creature!

poppyseed said...

how do you make one of these please send some instructions if u can.
trust me its not for marketing its just its really cool and i want to make one my self!
the person who wanted to be like the magnificent softlife creator
AKA poppyseed