Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday~August 5~2008

The august sun is burning brightly in the sky. Inside the Softlife lab we are having vermin trouble. Something has been nesting in the storage area... something nocturnal. This hot summer day seems like just the right time to root out our uninvited guest. We will take the bugger by surprise!

Ah ha! It seems there are at least two of them burrowed into their nasty little nest.
Wake up, little vermin...we do so want to make your acquaintance.

There, now lets shine our spotlight on them for a better look.

Oh Ho! Looks like someone is getting a little annoyed! What's the matter little critter? Don't you like our big bright spotlight? No? Well maybe you should consider moving to a more peaceful location!

Or if you would rather, we can call in the exterminator!

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