Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday~ August 18 ~ 2008

 The monster came without warning. It came as Indian legend had said it would come, in the night and while a storm raged. It brought terror and horror to the peaceful tundra, transforming a frigid paradise into a panic-stricken, fear-blanched hell.

The monsters icy claws reached into every home, every church, school and supermarket. No one could escape its blood thirsty savagery.

What would it take to to satisfy the monsters mad lust?

Annd... CUT!

Only through the magic of Hollywood, heh, heh.

I am an actor. An actor pretends to be something other than what he actually is for money. Actors must prepare for days and even weeks for the different roles they assume. The work of an actor is very emotionally and psychologically challenging, which is one reason the pay is so good. In some cultures actors are treated like real celebrities.

My little friend here is also an actor. In this film he is portraying the role of a severed head. The nuances of this character came very naturally to him, due to the fact that he is, in fact, a severed head. Sometimes an actor gets lucky and lands a role that seems to be made just for him.

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