Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday~ August 16 ~2008

This Tomato Hound is foraging for her meal of choice... tomatoes! These are hard times for the Tomato Hound. Due to changing weather patterns, the growing conditions for Solanum Lycopericum have been less than ideal. We at Softlife lie awake, tossing and turning through these lonely summer nights consumed with a growing concern for the plight of these gentle herbavours.

Today our scarlet friend is in luck. She has succeded in sniffing out a solitary green tomato, not the most sucluent specimen, but certainly amply edible.

She gives it a thorough going over before consuming it...

It is sour, but good enough to eat! Today the Tomato Hound is triumphant and will not go hungry. Tomorrow, however, is any ones guess.

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