Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday ~August 3~ 2008

This bear is in his den sleeping the peaceful sleep of the incognizant and the damned. 

Something wicked this way comes...

Prurient, licentious, nefarious deviants one and all, this band of ruinous degenerates descend on the innocent narcoleptic.

The bear rouses...

And is quickly overwhelmed by his aggressors. 

Once the victim is successfully restrained, the miscreants begin to argue amongst themselves. What is their objective?

Ah, of course. Greed poisons the heart and mangles the mind. It is wealth and power that impels this trio into malevolence. 

A sickening sight, to be sure.

And what of the poor hapless bear?

 The three scoundrels abscond into the underbrush with the spoils of their delinquency. Today justice will not be served.

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Ryan Wong said...

so creative, good description,