Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday ~July 26 ~ 2008

Heartbreak is a cruel master. When a great love is lost the light turns to darkness and peace becomes a distant memory. These are the times that try a creatures soul. Poor bunny, will she ever be free of despair?

Little does she know, she is not alone.

The devilish one is watching. The desperation of the poor bunny has an intoxicating aroma, like a fine wine, that beckons to the cloven fiend, drawing him out of the shadows.

He approaches her, feigning friendly concern.

"How sad, how tragic." he sympathizes, " What good is your lovely pink soul to you now that your heart is wounded? It is only causing you pain. Give it to me, and I will shelter it until a brighter day dawns for you, as it surely will."

The bunny recoils at this suggestion.Give up her soul? The very idea chills her to the bone.

The devilish one is undeterred.He draws in close and whispers something in her ear, something sinister... something seductive.

Just like that, her soul is his.

The fiendish trickster allows himself one brief jig for victory before absconding into the shadows with his fleshy treasure.

The devil may care... and then again he may not.

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