Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday~ July 8 ~2008

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to bear witness to the private life of the Northern Pygmy Yeti.

The Pygmy Yeti is very shy, and although it is cruel to stalk her, we cannot resist this rare opportunity to observe her habits. Please join us!

The Northern Pygmy Yeti travels through the forest with the greatest of ease, swinging from tree to tree like a sloth or an agile primate.

She survives on a diet of sticks, logs, and the tiny creatures which inhabit them.

Uh oh... she seems to have spotted us. Note the fearsome way she menaces us with her sharp sticks! We'd best back off a bit.

In spite of her acute reticence, the Pygmy Yeti is curious about the civilized world. Taking care to camouflage herself, she observes the world that exists just beyond the forests boundary. What is she feeling at this moment? Is it fear, loneliness, or mere fascination?

We will never know.

As the Northern Pygmy Yeti heads back into her forest sanctuary we must admit we have learned very little about her. She remains an inexplicable mystery. Perhaps this is as it should be after all.

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