Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday~ July 22 ~2008

The vile and heinous Plumentis has rendered the elegant young lady unconscious and is stealing away with the grub. We can only assume the Plumentis is taking the grub to it's lair where it can gorge itself in private.

Happily the elegant young creature appears to be recovering from her terrible shock and although still somewhat disoriented, she is taking stock of the appalling circumstances that have befallen her. Slowly but surely she hatches a plan.

She uses mental telepathy to summon an ally. This elegant creature has friends in high places... super friends.


The elegant creature briefs Mothra on the particulars of the situation, and together they hatch a plan to save to poor grub. Let's hope it is not too late!

It is not long before they spot the fiendish Plumentis and the poor wretched grub, who is alive but not really kicking.

A fearsome battle ensues...

After much violence, the elegant creature succeeds in overwhelming the Plumentis. Victory is sweet indeed! Grub in hand, our fine heroine mounts the trusty Mothra and the trio ascend heavenward towards a peaceful night and a better tomorrow.

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