Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday~ July 21 ~2008

This elegant creature and her grub are enjoying a peaceful afternoon nature hike.

Little do they know, they are not alone. A hungry Plumentis has been stalking them for some time now and is about to move in for the kill.

The famished fiend creeps closer...

And closer...

Until at last he overwhelms the elegant young lady completely! The grub cowers in the underbrush, helpless to defend her.

But wait, the horrible Plumentis is not devouring the little creature, but is instead moving on to the grub! What will become of these poor unfortunate victims? Is this their sorry destiny, to be massacred by by a hideous insect while taking their afternoon constitution? Could this really be the end?
Tune in tomorrow for the answer to this and other questions which may come to you over the course of the long tense night that surely awaits us all.

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