Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday~ September 22 ~ 2008

 Unlike this exuberant group of beans, Softlife is very tired today. We have tracked the bean pod all through the night as they rambled through the city. Apparently Street Walking Beans are nocturnal, a fact we were sadly unaware of when we foolishly pledged to track them for you. You live and you learn.

We are, however, staunch professionals and we soldier on much like the pod who is back in formation and on the move again.

The fountain seems to be their destination. Perhaps they fancy a dip...

Indeed they do!

Street Walking Beans are highly skilled at the dead mans float.

After all that floating and drifting about, the pod climbs out of the water and proceeds to warm itself in the sun. They appear to be completely relaxed.

Not ones to rest for long, the beans are back in formation with poor Softlife dragging behind as stealthily as we can. We see a pile of leaves in the distance... could this be their destination?

Oh thank heaven! It looks to us like they are readying themselves for a nap at long last!

We do believe we'll join them.

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