Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday~ September 17 ~ 2008

Everywhere we look creatures are busy staking claim to their cold weather hovels. We at Softlife cannot resist the urge to show you a few more of these ingenious hidey- holes.

This little guy has chosen a shelter with an Asian flair. Perhaps he plans on meditating those winter blues away!

This attractive creature takes a DIY approach to the shelter problem. She is going green by using found materials to build her hovel, which is not at all the same thing as stealing.

Here is a comfy creature who has taken the easy road. He just cosies up under a log and calls it a day! We sure hope this hovel provides sufficient shelter on those cold winter nights...

This wraith is snug as a bug in the closet!

This resourceful band of creatures have cleverly camouflaged themselves among an abundance of sustaining resources. They wont go hungry this winter!

And the twins are heading back into the heating ducts for a long winters nap!

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