Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday~ September 11 ~ 2008

Ah, the twilight days of summer. It is paramount that one gets out of the house and makes the most of these last few golden days.

For this little sportsman that means fishing!

Easy does it with that hook, buddy.

A quick assessment of the aquatic conditions assures our little friend here that he has picked an ideal spot. Let's hope the fish are hungry!

Fishing requires a sly sort of patience. Our fine fishing man sits back and waits for a bite.

The first catch of the day is unexpectedly furry...

The sportsman is not sure what to make of this one, although it is a big and beefy specimen, which can only be a good thing.

Back to the depths!

What the heck is this?

Bewilderment is quickly becoming the theme of this expedition.

Our hero is shaken but bravely presses on. He is determined to catch an actual fish before the day is done.



This is most definitely not a fish!

Ladies and gentleman, you see before you a disoriented, befuddled, and slightly unbalanced fellow. Will he throw in the proverbial towel and head home fishless and defeated? Will he make the most of it and dine on these strange beasts of the lake, hoping they prove succulent and tender in spite of their fearful appearance? Or will he gather his patience around him like a cloak and continue to fish, hoping the effort will reward him after all? Stay tuned...

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