Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday~ September 29 ~2008

Salvetory is setting out to seek his fortune.

He has realized that he will not get far without a vehicle, after all this is real life and not some antiquated fairytale.

Salvetory is on a strict budget, so he heads straight for the used car lot in search of a good deal.

The salesman is eager to make his acquaintance. Salvetory is a bit puzzled by the ball and chain that is attached to the salesman's leg, but he keeps his thoughts to himself.

" Here is a perfect getaway ...I mean pleasure van! It is perfect for a long journey into the great unknown."
This salesman certainly has perfected his pitch!

Salvetory loves the comfort of the van, but he is a very practical fellow. The price of gas is just too high right now, so he is going to need a much more efficient ride.

This little coup is certainly economy sized, and it is also recycled!

On closer inspection Salvetory decides the coup is too tinny for the long journey ahead.


Salvetory thinks not.



The salesman has one last vehicle to show Salvetory. It's a bit of a long shot, but it can't hurt to try...

Salvetory likes it!

At last Salvetory is off to seek his fortune. Happy trails!

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