Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday~April 4 ~2008

This foul fowl has a little Emerald Denizen in its malevolent clutches. What to do? If only there were a lion hearted hero nearby...

What's this! The Emancipator has read our minds! Go! Go!Go! Destroy the enemy! Free the Denizen! 



Oh mournful circumstance, oh sorrowful incident! The Emancipator appears to have been slain.Is this the unvarnished truth or do our eyes deceive us?

Ah! The Denizen retaliates! Take that, you heinous beast!

The sweet taste of victory is fleeting... the Denizen must turn his attention to his would be savior.

He is weak from hunger and exertion, but summons all his inner strength to enliven the curative mojo. He owes this hero his full effort.

There is so much power in devotion, and the Emancipator responds to the ernest effort of the little Denizen. His number is not up! It seems the Emancipator will live to wrangle evil again, and we can rest assured that the world will be safe for another day, at least.

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