Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday~April 26~ 2008

A beautiful warm Saturday in April! Time to go fishing.

The lake is pristine... let's hope the fish are biting with gusto!

Hmmm... it's a little rough on the lake. Things are feeling a little unstable, a little less than ideal, a little hot to handle.

Man overboard!

Now, this small sportsman is a very positive sort and not at all inclined to be a quitter, but let's face it, the lake is hypothermic in April. Fishing on a lake is at it's core all about relaxation, contemplation, and contentment. These are not the impressions that are rising up from this sopping little fellow.

It occurs to him to call it quits. It also occurs to him there is ample refreshment in the fridge at home and a sunny porch on which to enjoy it. Really, would you do it any differently?

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