Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday~April 14 ~2008

Randy is a mustard connoisseur. This means he is a creature of discriminating taste when it comes to mustards.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the mustard, Randy is asked to judge the World Class Mustard Competition each year in Paris France. Gay Paris!

He must taste each variety of mustard with the upmost concentration, utilizing his full palate. Here he is sampling Moutarde au Poivre vert,
( green peppercorn mustard).

Next is the Moutard de Dijon,( dijon mustard).

Finally he partakes of the Moutarde De Reims, a champagne mustard from the Reims region of France. It is supreme! It has body and character and finishes with a not so subtle alcoholic kick that leaves him craving more.

Still, Randy must carefully contemplate each mustard to be sure the one he judges best is indeed superlative. It is a formidable task... he does his best.

In the end the blue ribbon goes to the Moutarde De Reims. Randy feels good about his choice. He relishes the champagne mustard so much he takes the jar back to his hotel room where he can savor the remains to the full extent. Bon appetite, Randy!

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