Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday~April 28 ~2008

Do you remember this foxy burglar? Well, he has fallen on hard times. He's out of fortune, out of luck, and out on the streets.

He spends his days avoiding the prying eyes of the law as best he can and playing street checkers. This way of life gets old pretty fast.

Hunger is the only thing that coaxes him out of hiding...

He is so weak from hunger that the climb up the staircase drains him terribly.

When one is at the top of the heap it is easy to judge those less fortunate, but when circumstances get desperate we all do things that surprise us. Hunger and thirst can drive us to the brink of our civility.

This old sneak is driven by desperation to risk everything and break into a car in hopes there will be money or a sack lunch inside. There was a time not too long ago when he would have considered this type of burglary beneath him.

Sadly,the only thing he finds of any value to him is a tin of mints.

He returns to his safe spot to devour the mints in private. It is a depressingly paltry meal, to be sure.

It is true what they say, crime does not pay.

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