Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday~April 13~2008

What have we here, hiding itself in the haystack?

Ho! It is a Barn Ghost! Also known in some circles as a Stable Phantom.

Haunting the hayloft...

The barn...

And the stalls.

The animals in the stable are not frightened. They have become accustomed to the macabre phantom, and to tell you the truth they look forward to his apparitions.

After all those horse kisses, the little ghost is ready for a dry bath in the feed bin.

The barn is dark, dusty, and stuffy. Really it is the perfect environment for a spooky fellow such as this, but sometimes he needs a bit of fresh air. There is risk involved however... will he venture into the open?

Certainly! You only live once and a life lived in fear is is a half life at best.

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