Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday~April 9~ 2008

Clouds. To those of us below on Earth they are merely ephemeral abstract shapes in the sky, yet the truth of the matter is clouds have hopes and dreams, needs and vices. In short, clouds have lives.

Here is a cloud family, or "cluster", floating across the sky.

The little one is dissatisfied and is ready to leave home. It sees the land below and burns with the desire to explore it.

The elder cloud forbids this.

The two of them have been quarreling for some time, going round and round as the air currents transport them through the stratosphere.

Suddenly the young cloudling launches itself towards the Earth below!

The elder is incredulous. The rash recklessness of youth!

And now the little cloud has landed, earth bound and bewildered.As the sun sinks low in the sky we wonder what will become of her now? She is alone in an alien land, a refugee from a distant world.
We can only wait in tense anticipation to see what tomorrow will reveal.

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