Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday~April 18 ~2008

Supposedly it is spring. We at Softlife, being faithful to the season in spite of the fact that it is snowing and 38 degrees out 
side, have begun our spring cleaning. We have been lying around on the couch all winter eating snacks and watching television, so giving the sofa a thorough cleaning is the logical place to begin.

It is pretty gross under there. In fact the detritus seems to have congealed into an actual organism, much to our horror.

Is it hostile, we wonder as we ready the suction attachment on the vacuum cleaner?

It sure looks hostile... We reckon it is best to put the vacuum away, return the cushions to their proper places, break out the crisps and watch some television to calm our nerves. We
will look into the matter again in May.

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