Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday ~April 10 ~2008

This little she cloud has left the sky to explore life on land, but after an unnerving night alone in the world she realizes she has made a huge mistake.

She must get back to the sky, but hasn't the slightest notion how to achieve this by herself. She is unaware that she is being watched...

A billowy animal approaches her. Is she troubled, it wants to know? The cloud explains her plight to the helpful creature, and he in turn reveals a startling fact; it turns out the fleecy fellow is one half cloud himself! His father is a cloud, but they have never met because a storm blew his father far from the pasture before he was born. He has always dreamed of making it up to the sky to search for his dad, and has been experimenting with methods of ascent.

The lamb-cloud believes that with a little practice they can simply leap into the sky and ride the air currents into the heavens. It seems worth a try, so they do try, and they try some more, until at last...

the cloudy sheep is airborne!

with the little she cloud fast behind him!

Together they ride the air currents higher and higher, soaring far above the Earth!

All this time the elder cloud has been watching over the cloudling from above. He has been helpless to save her from her reckless choice to leave her azure habitat and has been sending her mind waves, hoping she would catch on and come home. He is very relieved to see her drifting upward towards him.
Now they are all together and can look for the cloud-lambs father as a team!

So remember when you are gazing at the firmament, and think you see unreal creatures in cloud forms high above, that perhaps the images you witness are not a silly fancy, but bona fide entities living in the heavens with hopes and dreams, needs and vices... just like you and I.

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-Sorella said...

That totally just brightened my day.