Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday~April 23 ~ 2008

All hail the Custodian of Leaves!

It is her solitary duty to monitor new leaf growth. She has many friends in high places.

Here is a fresh little leaf who is pleased as punch to be graced by a visit from the Leaf Custodian!

He is eager to play! 

Now, the Custodian is very busy. The pressure on her is enormous. However, she always takes the time to play with the younger leaves when they ask. She understands that positive attention now will lead to a healthy well adjusted leaf later, and in this way the entire fauna community grows strong.

As you can see, this well attended to youngster is bursting with strong vigorous new growth, all thanks to the diligent wisdom of the Custodian of Leaves.

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-Sorella said...

Please tell me you are compiling this stuff into a childrens book. If I ever have little ones these are the adventures I'd want them to get lost in =)