Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday~ May 12 ~2008

This woolen woodsy wombat does not go for woolgathering. She believes in digging in and getting her hands dirty. She believes in testing her mettle.

Today she is coming down from the treetops in search of precarious stimulation. Rock climbing is what is on her mind!

That wall in the distance looks like a pretty decent challenge. She is on it like a bonnet!

Whoa! This baby is steep!

She finds a foothold and begins to climb.

Dusk is fast approaching by the time the woolen wombat has satisfied herself. She is tired and dirty and completely gratified. She has scaled the mighty wall and knows its every contour and crevice, has communicated with it's soul even! Tonight she will drift and dream in the treetops as only the truly contented can do.

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