Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday~May 3~ 2008

Cecil is a rodent. He is also a forager. This means he hunts for wild foods to eat, food stuff most of us would overlook.

Cecil ferrets around for the most tender shoots and fresh leaflets. Only the best of best, the freshest of the fresh will do.

He uses all five senses to determine the choicest grub. This nut smells rancid. It is a reject.

A pocket knife is an invaluable tool when it comes to foraging . It is also handy should some self defense become necessary, heaven forbid it.

Oh... this is totally unexpected. Cecil has found an aged corn cob, known as candy of the forest to foragers the world over. It is not fresh, but it is fantastic!  

Cecil looses himself in the dry musty flavor of this rare treat. It is divine.

The rewards of foraging are obvious. It is so economical, filled with intrigue, satisfying, and it develops a staunch, robust character in all who embrace its discipline.  

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