Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday~May 4~2008

Today Softlife packed up and headed out to the country to see what we could see. The weather and setting were ideal for a relaxed day of creature scouting. On days like this we feel fortunate to have such pleasant work to occupy us. On days like this we are sitting pretty.

It wasn't long before we spotted this lovely creature basking in the sun. We settled down nearby to observe it's habits.

What happened next is almost too horrifying to recount. We are unsure what startled the little guy, but he, or she as the case may have been, abruptly leapt from it's sunny local and rushed pell mell over the bank of the river, meeting head on with the turbulent rapids below. We were helpless to save the hapless little soul, although we followed as best we could from the bank while it was carried swiftly down stream.

We searched for the body in the shallows for hours before giving up and heading back to the office. Our hearts are now heavy and our minds are clouded with sorrow. A beautiful day has turned brutal, reminding us of the precarious unpredictable nature of things.

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