Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday~May 20~2008

Gabby Baby is a stuffed animal. This world is a cruel one for most toys, they are rarely given even a small measure of respect, and the lifestyle is very tedious. Gabby Baby spends all of her time in the toy store on the shelf. Her options depress her; she may be on the shelf her entire life, or she may be purchased by an eager human who will foist it's fantasies and whims upon her. Poor Gabby will have no choice in her fate.

Unless she escapes and takes to the streets!

What at first seemed a brilliant act of daring self determination, quickly turns desperate, as Gabby Baby realizes she has no place to go. Must she return to the toy store in defeat?

Not yet! She remembers an old friend who may be able to help her out of this jam, and she gives him a dingle. He is home and gives her clear direction to his house. What great good fortune!

In no time Gabby Baby is in the welcoming company of her friend Teddy.

"Come on in, Lady", he says.

Now Gabby Baby spends her time on a superior shelf with a superior group of toys. These toys are owned by a toy collector. They are well cared for and treated with the up most respect. Gabby Baby has found her niche!

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