Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday~May 11~2008

The great Pacific Northwest! Home to some of the most rugged individualists you will ever meet. These two traveling Denizens can attest to that. 

It is true that times have changed. Let's face it, it is no longer 1897. However the pioneer spirit is alive and well in the smaller Northwestern towns, it's just a little supercharged these days, that's all.

The Denizens take full advantage of the local crafts...

And they each find their particular niche.

They naturally arouse some curiosity because they are foreigners, but they take it in stride.

The Denizens are fortunate to make the acquaintance of a colorful local who goes by the name of Buddy Bear.

Buddy Bear shows them the ropes and makes them feel right at home.

In no time at all the Denizens are clowning around like they have lived here all their lives!

This is the only way to travel... if you can't be them, join them!

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