Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday~May 7~ 2008

What a world we live in! We hustle and bustle about everyday, rarely taking the time to observe the complex societies of the other life forms among us. When we pause, however, in almost any location and attune our senses to the environment, we discover the most enchanting creatures living right under our noses.

They are lounging in the grasses...

Reclining amongst the shrubbery...

And populating the treetops.

As we enter into this other world we begin to notice a pattern to the movements of these creatures; what once seemed random becomes coherent as our concentration increases. The creatures appear to be mobilizing with a purpose. They are gathering together on the sward.

Evidently a council of some kind is taking place. Oh, how we wish we were privy to it's import! The large rotund yellow guy appears to be in charge... all eyes are on him. It is all very exciting!

Although we scrutinize the proceedings for some time, the purpose of this gathering remains beyond our comprehension. Still, we know we are better off for having witnessed the scene. Understanding does not preclude enrichment.

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