Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday~ June 20 ~2008

Malissa is a wig maker. Her profession is the essence of fabulous, but it is also tedious hard work.

Each new wig design requires much experimentation. Malissa must allow her imagination to range freely, then recognize the exact moment to pull back on the reigns and bring discipline to bear on the work.

It has taken her many years to find the correct balance between creativity and control. She knows she must be willing to undo hours of hard work if the design is not working out.

Here we see Malissa return to a cleaner, simpler design after considering a much more complicated pallet.

Finally the wig is ready to be tried on. This is an important moment in the design process... this is the crucial point at which she knows for sure if she is on the right track or not.

Oh yes, we do believe she is on the right track. Don't you agree?

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