Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday~June 16 ~2008

Well hello there, and welcome to my lifestyle! I am an educated, attractive creature with many fascinating abilities and interests. Come along with me and I will give you a tour... of me!

I have chosen to make my home in the pristine Pacific Northwest. I am surrounded every day by unfathomable natural beauty, as well as every convenience that a modern metropolis has to offer.

The calm surface of this lake inspires me and puts me in touch with my meditative side. I find that it is very important to communicate with my inner peaceful warrior. I am a very centered individual.


I also take good care of my beautiful body. It is the temple of my soul.

Many years spent practicing the ancient yogic arts has given me fantastic balance, as you can see.

This pose is called the Heavenly Pretzel. It has taken great stamina and concentration to master the Heavenly Pretzel, and although I pride myself on my humble modesty, I must tell you I am one of very few who can hold this pose for more than a few seconds.

One thing you should know about me is I have many close and loving friends who treasure my company greatly. I follow the path of the teacher, and my friends appreciate the wisdom I have to share with them. It is a blessing to us all.

What I have shared with you today is just a slice of the sweet, juicy passion fruit that I call my life. I hope you have been inspired by this small glimpse into my lifestyle. Maybe we can get together sometime for a decaf non fat soy cappuccino!

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