Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday~ June 17~2008

We do not want to upset anyone, but the truth is, some of us are all alone in this world. Some of us spend our entire lives never knowing the milk of human kindness, nor the warmth of a tender touch. It's enough to make a gal or a fellow feel like an alien; like a visitor from another planet who was only passing through, but through circumstances that will always remain a mystery has been unable to find the strength to leave.  

These unfortunates long for comforts most take for granted, such as family...

and friends.

These creatures lean towards the philosophical. Having no deep connections to those outside themselves forces them to turn inward. They are observers, and as such possess great insight into the nature of existence. Even loneliness and isolation have their own reward.


-Sorella said...

What happens to the creatures after they go on their journey? Are any of them available for purchase? I really love your work- and although I couldnt afford a painting- I was thinking I could definitly at least get some creatures to hang around the house with.

softlife daily creature said...

The creatures are for sale at my studio at the Anne Bonny,
1355 East Olive Way
Seattle WA 98122

I have been slow to get organized in terms of selling things, but starting next week i will have the help of an intern and therefore should soon have things available on Etsy.

We are having a grand opening party at the studio on Sunday, June 29, from three to six. Stop by if you can!