Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday~ June 6 ~2008

We discovered this strange composite creature today on our walk in the woods. It was peacefully lapping up water from a little forest pond. We kept our distance and stealthily observed it's activity.

After a while it hopped off into a thicket. We followed as best as we could, slithering on our bellies along the forest floor.

We were quite relieved when the tiny critter emerged into a clearing and we were able to stand again. Here we see quite clearly what the little beast was after!

We watched in rapture as each of the four heads feasted on the plump mushrooms.

Suddenly without warning, the multi crowned creature leapt into the air! We watched in amazement as it sailed high into the sky, eventually disappearing into the heavens without a trace. Could it be that the little fellow was a visitor to our planet, come to enjoy the syncytial spore-producing organisms that thrive here in our woodlands after a heavy rain?

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