Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday~ June 18 ~ 2008

Hey, you! Come over here a minute, will you? Ah, come on! I won't bite, I just want to talk to you that's all!

Alright! You wanna sip of water? It get's pretty lonely here in this Old Jail, you know? I could really use some company, Man.

Let me tell you, buddy, crime really does not pay. I had a good life on the outside, but I took it for granted, tempted fate, you know? Now I am paying the price with my life.

The judge sent me to the Old Jail, which is where they put the prisoners who aren't worth the tax dollars it takes to put them up in the New Jail. Old Jail is just like it sounds. This is how it was before prison reform and all that stuff started making things more comfortable for criminals. Old Jail is hard, cold, and basic. Not a lot of modern conveniences around here!

In Old Jail we read old books...

And we have to make our monthly phone call on this old phone, which sounds really crappy and is on a party line.

It's still great to talk to my kids on the outside, even on an old crappy phone. I look forward to it all month!

Oh, it's time for you to go? Well... thanks for taking a minute to help me pass the time. If you're ever in the neighborhood look me up, I'll be here! Ha, Ha! Yeah, I won't be holding my breath or anything.

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