Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday~ May 5 ~2008

This handsome robot is a papa, and yes it's true, his son is a worm. Is there something you want to say about it ? Anyways... they are going shopping together. Is that not nice?

Papa robot is teaching his son to thrift shop for previously owned treasures, instead of buying all the cheaply made crap that fills the modern chain stores of today. Papa feels strongly about this subject, and  he can get a little bit preachy sometimes.He's only a robot after all.

So, they browse...

The little worm sees many things he wants to have, but this dashing helmet is his top choice. Papa thinks the price is a bit steep.

Papa also sees many things he likes...

Oh my god! These earrings are gorgeous!

And with the necklace! It's too good! Papa must have the set.

His son thinks there is a double standard at play...

Fair is fair. Papa robot is a good guy, and he realizes that father and son both deserve a special treat today. Why not?

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