Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday ~March 13~2008

There are many extraordinary little creatures living in the soil in our backyard gardens. Often, in our haste to get our planting and weeding done, we pay them no heed and thus miss this strata of life entirely. Having already unearthed them with our spade, let us take this opportunity to examine these soil dwelling critters close up.

Notice how their first instinct is to burrow back into the earth, but as we continue to dig they have no choice but to flee to safer loam. Now is the perfect time to observe them while they are fully exposed.

Here we can witness their strong social ties as they regroup and begin to burrow into the earth once more. What a crucial reminder to us all that there are marvelous forms of life above us,under us,around us, and within us. The more we stop to notice, the more we see, and the richer our world becomes.

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