Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday~March 3~2008

These tufted creatures live in the heating ducts of many older homes in North America. Their need for moisture draws them out in the early morning hours, when most people are sleeping soundly. They seem to prefer the bathroom, perhaps because they camouflage so well with the fixtures.

Here we are allowed a rare glimpse into the habits of these intriguing beings as they search for hydration.

Note their intelligent use of tools to achieve their goals...

Once satiated, they return to the safety of the duct work. One day we may possess the technology to follow them into their secret realms, but for now we can only grope half blind, through the imagery of our imaginations as we ponder the full life cycle of these little fellows, which is not very scientific.

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Ned said...

I think I almost came across one of these fellers this morning as I stumbled to the bathroom far too early!