Saturday, March 1, 2008

This beautiful forest creature is the last of his kind. He has been living alone in these woods for as long as he can remember.

Lately he has been hearing sounds that he cannot identify. He finds this unsettling, and he is beginning to feel the fear. Today he gathers his courage about him and sets out to investigate. It goes against all of his instincts to leave his zone of safety,and he trembles as he goes.

He emerges from the forest bewildered but determined to understand his changing world. He decides to follow the trail of the fleet footed creature that passes him on the road.He must hurry!

At last, all is made clear to him. These misshapen creatures are razing the forest to the ground. All he can do is menace them with his growls, but they pay him no mind. Wretchedness overcomes him. 

But wait,someone has noticed! This is Lina, and she explains that she and her herd are not destroying the forest, but working hard to restore it. She invites him to join them.
" Don't look so crestfallen,man. Be a part of the solution. You can shape your own destiny."
The concept of destiny is a new one to this creature... He decides there is safety in numbers and joins her band.

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