Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday~March 14 ~2008

This little fowl is ready to leave the nest. He yearns for something wet to sink his bottom into.

He hits the road without a care. He is a plucky ducky.

This puddle is wet, but not very satisfying...

This is more like it! Water for as far as the eye can see! He plunges right in.

The water, however, is much colder than he had imagined. His bottom is indeed wet, but it is also freezing. He is not experiencing the bliss he had anticipated. He feels like a drowned rat and he doesn't like it.

Although there are other fowl who seem to enjoy the lake very much, this little fellow decides it is not for him after all.

Time to hit the road again.

Back to the shelter of the tall grasses. Maybe tomorrow he will look for a nice bubbling hot tub to sink his bottom into. Duck soup!

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