Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday~March 2~2008

Gretta is cleaning up the basement when she comes across...

The Devil Himself! You never know what you might find while cleaning out the basement. 
" Listen, I want to make a deal with you. Something I want, in exchange for something you want... like everlasting life, for instance."

The Devil explains to Gretta that he has searched the four corners of the earth, not to mention the realms of Hell, for this Nina Hagen album on vinyl.
" And here it has been collecting dust in your basement the whole time! What do you say? Everlasting life would be hella sweet, wouldn't you agree?"

Everlasting life would be hella sweet, for sure, but can Gretta really trust the Devil to come through with his part of the bargain once he has the record in his possession? And what about her Soul?
No, she must turn this Devilish One away and accept her mortal destiny.

This is not the answer he was hoping for.

Gretta leaves the basement as the Devil shrieks obscenities from below. She does not pause, and she does not look back.

Once she is safely upstairs she revels in the sunlight. She is euphoric with the knowledge that her Soul is safe and sound. Plus, she still has her Nina Hagen Record!

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