Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday~March 4~2008

Here is a worm who senses it is time to make a change. He is dissatisfied with his lifestyle,which is rife with danger and is often unbearably cold and dirty. He decides to seek his fortune and see if he can improve his lot in life.

The road is a treacherous one. He must know when to flee and when to stand and fight.

This is clearly a time to flee.

That was a close call. This is a worm who learns from his folly, and he realizes that he needs a plan. Perhaps it is time to try indoor living. A more sheltered existence appeals to him greatly.

He feels no need to be picky and chooses the first house he comes to.It is an arduous journey from the sidewalk to the porch, but he sallies forth.

After many hours tirelessly wriggling he reaches the doorknob at last!
What will he discover once inside? Is anybody home?Is this a worm friendly abode, and how will he manage to climb back down to the floor without straining his muscle?
Log in tomorrow for the answers to these riveting questions, as we continue to follow... A WORMS TAIL.

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