Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday~March 5~ 2008

When we last saw this tender young worm,he had reached the doorknob of a large house. He is searching for a new home, and he hopes there is greater safety indoors. He is just not up to the unrelenting struggle for survival in the great outdoors.

Led by his keen sense of smell, he carefully searches this new environment for a safe place to rest and hopefully a bite to eat as well.

His concentration is acute as he hones in on the source of the toothsome aromas which surround him.

The scent leads him to an amazing discovery... he can hardly believe his tiny eyes!

He has found an abundant source of nourishment and a veritable fortress all in one!

"I trimmed my sails to the winds of chance
To charter an unknown strand,
And found the keenest of all romance
in the refuse left by man.
The juices fill my senses
The flesh is warm and sweet
The thorny outer layer
Provides a shelter neat.
I need no psychic oracles
Nor magic to be shown,
To know for sure and certain
I've found my home sweet home."

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