Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuesday~March 18~2008

This is a burglar.He is sly.He is cunning.He is stealthy.He is artful.He is crafty.He is foxy and dirty. All of these words mean more or less the same thing... get the picture?

He has "tabbed up" this residence for more than a week, and has decided to "make it". Here we see him slinking up the steps  silently and smoothly as water flowing in a stream.

Shrubbery provides both camouflage and a convenient way to climb up to the window ledge.

What luck! The window has been left open! The burglar, however, takes his time. He listens carefully for sounds of life within the house. Many years as a second story man have developed a cat sense in him, and he will not venture a move until he is satisfied that he will be undetected.

It is very dark inside the house. He moves cautiously and slowly, allowing time for his eyes to adjust to the lack of light. Tonight the burglar is looking for something in particular. Something with a special meaning to him. Something personal. His expert eyes scan the room.

Ah ha!

Here is the object of the plunderers ambition. He allows himself one brief moment to revel in his success before packing up and making a hasty retreat. 

It has been said by those in the know that the burglars first thought is the loot and his second thought is to get out of the house as quickly and quietly as possible. There can be no gain in lingering and risking possible detection. Our burglar steals away into the night as surreptitiously as he came.

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