Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday~March 12~ 2008

Life in the freezer is cold and cheerless. For those who inhabit these frigid chambers the isolation is total and melancholy is a constant companion.

Freezer creatures spend a great deal of their waking life deep in fantasy. Within the creative centers of their minds they find respite from the harsh realities of their condition. Dreaming of other worlds is the closest these unfortunates will ever come to the excitement of travel.

Here is a view into the illusory life of a small freezer dwelling creature. 
She starts out close to home, dreaming of the upper realms of the refrigerator...

Then on to the larger world of the kitchen...

Soon she has left the house altogether. Her heart soars in the brilliant sunlight!

She wanders through the wide open world reveling in the lushness that abounds.

When at last she opens her eyes she feels a little lighter, a little more optimistic, a little more able to face the four freezer walls that will always surround her. In this way she will survive day by day until she meets her maker, who we can only hope will free her from her lonely life at long last.

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